Worm Virus Spreading Like Wildfire

There is a new worm spreading out there.  It spreads through P2P channels and though emails.  The email has an attachment with the following names.

  • Facebook message.zip with a Subject line: You have a new message on Facebook!
  • Postcard.zip with a Subject line: You have received A Hallmark E-Card!
  • CV-20100120-112.zip with a Subject line: Thank you from Google!

The virus sends the email to everyone in your address book and also puts a copy into your P2P sharing directory.  It creates various files with names of different software with an exe extention so other people download it and it keeps spreading.

The Virus also attaches itself to your Browser and depending on certain keywords you will get pop ups form the following domain: tetrosearch.com.

If you want to make sure your computer is spyware and virus free, contact one of our experienced technicians at 954-353-8310 or visit our website at http://www.microtek.us for support.

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Protecting against Viruses and Spyware

Spyware and Viruses are found on a lot of computers especially if they are not protected with any Anti-Virus or Spyware software.  Spyware and viruses can be dangerous because they put your information at risk and can cause damage to your computer.  For example if you had some spyware known as a Key Logger;when you log in to check your online bank account, a hacker could steal your user id and password.  If you Check your email they can steal your email address and password and read all your personal emails and send emails to all your friends.  They can capture any information you type into your keyboard.

There are many kinds of spyware and viruses.  Some just want to keep track of sites you visit while some want to cause harm to your computer and your sensitive information.  Viruses are the biggest cause of slow performance on most computers.  Viruses and Worms can replicate and spread from computer to computer, over the internet, if you plug in a USB drive they can attach themselves to the drive and then when you plug the USB drive in another computer they will get infected also (unless they are properly protected).  Spyware on the other hand does not usually replicate itself.  Most of the time Spyware is used for Marketing purposes.  They either pop up some advertisement, or they redirect you to another site or just capture your keystrokes and steal your credit card numbers, passwords, social security….

Here are some tips to keep your computers safe and secure:

  • Make sure you have an Anti-virus / Anti-Spyware software
    installed and with all current updates.
  • Make sure you have your firewall one.
  • Make sure you are getting all the latest Windows Updates.
    Microsoft releases patches on a daily basis.  Most of the
    time these are patching vulnerabilities.
  • Preferably use another browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google
    Chrome, Opera or Safari.  These are some of the most popular one.
    Since Internet Explorer is the most popular most of the hackers
    write they software to attach Internet Explorer users since they can
    reach the most amount of users.
  • Do not download music or software using Kazaa, emule, torrents or
    any other p2p software.  These are one of the main ways they
    distribute and spread Viruses and Spyware.  Also stay away from
    Adult websites these are also a security risk.

If you want to make sure your computer is spyware and virus free, contact one of our experienced technicians at 954-353-8310 or visit our website at http://www.microtek.us for support.

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Welcome to MicroTek Blog

We are excited launch our first official blog.  In our blog we will be writing about current technology issues and solutions, some security problems and much more. We are a remote computer support company providing computer support to users nationwide.  Whether your computer is running slow, you can’t print, or just want us to optimize your computer for optimum speed we can help.

We help individuals and small businesses with their computer issues.  We hope this blog gives you all the technology information you need to make informed decisions when purchasing products or helping you with your computer problems.

Be on the look out for upcoming posts!

About US:

MicroTek provides online computer repair services for personal or business users.  for more information please visit our website http://www.microtek.us or call us at (954)-353-8310

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