Q: What is Remote Technical Support?

A: Remote Technical Support allows us to connect to computers over the internet with our screen sharing technology we can securly connect ot your computer and take control of your mouse and keyboard while you watch us fix the issues.

Q: Is Remote Support safe and Secure?

A: Your security is ensured by 128-bit encryption and a random meeting code which only you and the remote user are provided before you initiate the meeting.

Q: Can the Technician connect to my computer at any time?

A: No. The technician can only connect to your computer by you providing them a with a meeting code. Once the technician disconnects he will not be able to connect again unless you give him a new code.

Q: Do you Provide an protection agains Spyware & Viruses?

A: Yes, we will check to see if you have the correct software installed to protect your computer. No software works 100% of the time but if you have a good one installed it will protect you agains 80-90% of attacks. If you do not have any software installed we will recommend one or offer some of the best FREE solutions.

Q: Are your technicians qualified to work on my computers?

A: Yes, our technicians have over 10 years working with computers. Our Technicians are A+ Certified or have the equivilent experience. They have handles all sorts of Hardware & Software issues. We have to hire the best to give you the best service possible.

Q: Do you cover more than one computer with your monthly subscription plan?

A: No we only service one computer per plan. We keep track of it by the computer name. If you purchase another computer and you do not want to use that one any more we will update the computer information so next time you contact us we will continue providing support on the new computer.