How Remote Support WorksHow Remote Support Works

Microtek Will fix your computer Remotely so there is no need to cary your computer to a repair location, no need to have someone come to your home or business. We will connect to your computer remotely over the internet.


Here's how it works. We send you a link to download a small program that will allow us to connect to your computer and we can see your screen and control your mouse and keyboard just like if we were sitting in front of your computer.

Once we are connected we can fix any problems you might be having with your computer.


Remote Support vs Onsite or Offsite Repairs

Remote vs Onsite / Offiste Remote Offsite
Leave your home NO YES
Carry Heavy Equipment NO YES
Waste Time & Gas NO YES
Takes Days to repair NO YES
Watch what they are doing to your PC NO YES
No LInes, No Waiting NO YES
Which would you prefer?